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The Game

Tropic Euro is an online adaptation of the Puerto Rico board game by Andreas Seyfarth. The original game supports 3 to 5 players and is based on the island of Puerto Rico during the age of Caribbean ascendancy. Tropic Euro maintains very similar game mechanics but with a new theme, set in tropical regions just after the end of World War II. It also supports the official two-player variant and all of the extra buildings added in the Puerto Rico expansion pack released in 2004.

The Inspiration

The layout and interface for the game was originally based on an online version of Puerto Rico by Ben Harrison (see screenshot). Tropic Euro adds new features, improved graphics and is written in Java for cross-platform compatibility. The hard AI player is also based on existing work (by Tony Mitton) and the source code is available to download.

The Developers

Chris Gibbs Chris Gibbs, a programmer based in Bath, United Kingdom. Chris has a Computer Science degree from Cambridge University and is the founder of Inner Version Ltd, the company which publishes Tropic Euro.
Markus Hervén Markus Hervén, a programmer based in Karlskrona, Sweden. Markus is also currently working with computer security in Outpost24 and originally studied Master of Science in Engineering Physics.

The Music

The game features music from Inner Version, which is another project by Chris Gibbs. Tropic Euro will remain a game that is free to download and try out, but it is run by a donation model to fund the dedicated server running costs. Please contribute what you can, either via a PayPal donation or by downloading Inner Version music (either is fine).


Any enquiries or suggestions on how to improve the game are welcome - please contact Chris Gibbs at

The Credits

Tropic Euro relies on the great work of several free / open source projects:

  • Kryo for ultra-efficient object serialization over the Internet;
  • a stripped-down version of RipeRMI for client/server communication;
  • OpenTTD as a basis for most of the graphics featured in the game, logo and website;
  • jlGui BasicPlayer & JOrbis for the built-in music player;
  • StackBlur for the blur effect used throughout the game;
  • and the superb yGuard for code shrinking / obfuscation.
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