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Software Update - Interface enhancements and simplifications

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Software Update - Interface enhancements and simplifications

Postby ChrisGibbs » Mon Dec 16, 2013 10:24 am

In anticipation of the upcoming guided tutorial, several improvements have been made to the interface to make it easier to learn for new users, yet also clearer and with more functionality for experienced users.

Role chooser highlight effect

The player that is the current role chooser now has a light blue-green (cyan) colour highlight effect around the edges of the island window. This matches with the colour used in the role selection box for the chooser, so should hopefully make the interface clearer for both new and experienced users.

"Left" indicators replaced with icons

The textual "left" indicators in the main window for plantations and buildings have been replaced with smaller role icons. Previously, the quantity remaining for each plantation or building was displayed as "X left". These small icons should help new users to match up the sections with their corresponding role, and will also make translating the interface easier in future when support for more languages is added.

"Goods Produced" section shows goods shipped

During the Shipper role phase, the "Goods Produced" section of each island now shows the quantity of each good shipped, similar to the way in which recently produced goods are highlighted during the Producer phase.

Quarry colour and unequipped cog icon altered

The background grey colour used for the quarry has been made slightly lighter to provide better contrast, especially against the new quantity remaining icons. Similarly, a lighter version of the disabled cog icon is shown for an unequipped quarry in a player's plantations area, to make it clearer that quarries can hold tools.

Issues fixed:
  • For users running Java 7 Update 45 or later, the security prompt that appears when launching the application for the first time now shows "Tropic Euro" instead of "tropiceuro.MainClass" as the application name.
  • An issue with the glowing/wave animation for the island currently making a decision has been fixed.
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