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Software Update - Island window animation and commit button

PostPosted: Tue Apr 30, 2013 8:24 am
by ChrisGibbs
Island window animation for user currently thinking

When the server is waiting for a decision from the user, that particular island window now shows a glowing/wave animation in the top left and right corners. Hopefully this should make it clearer to both new and experienced players which user is currently making a decision. Please note that this animation only appears for human users and when there is no automatic/forced move available for the server to play.

Island commit button for Equipper phase

Each island window now has its own commit button that, like the existing one in the main window, appears when all tools have been successfully assigned during the Equipper phase. Having a commit button very close to the buildings/plantations in each island should improve the ergonomics significantly during this role phase.

Login performance improvements

Logging in to the public Tropic Euro server has been sped up by a large factor, perhaps 50% faster or more on some computers. This update also includes lots of minor performances tweaks throughout the interface.