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Strategy against the computer.

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Strategy against the computer.

Postby Xavier » Sun Jun 28, 2015 5:54 pm

Hi All,

First, this is how I play vs. 4 hard computer players. I find the computer focuses heavily on shipping for Victory Points (VP), so, instead of competing in that effort, I focus on making money and buying buildings. To that there are a couple (or more) of buildings that I always aim for as an end goal:

1) Always the Toolbank.
2) Either the Residence, the City Hall, or the Guild House. Choose which ever will give me the most points depending how the game went.
3) If you actually can buy a third big building, take what ever gets you the most points, or prevents the most points in another player.

So, how to get there? Its a combination that focuses on economy, with a back up of production. To start, I want to have one cheap good (Banana, Cocoa, or Sugar) and one expensive good (Rubber, or Coffee) in production. I always focus on getting the expensive good up an running. If your start the game with Banana (ideal), stick with Banana if you can. Same with Cocoa. First time someone takes Planter, take either Rubber or Coffee, depending on what's available and what your opponents before you have taken (try not to compete). The ideal combination is lots of Banana, and either 3 Rubber or 2 Coffee (which ever your opponents have the least of).

After the first round, your immediate goal is to buy a Rubber Storage or Coffee Roaster, depending on what you have. If for some reason you didn't get a Rubber or Coffee in the first round, keep saving for it anyways (you'll get a Rubber or Coffer sooner or later). Do not spend any money on anything but a Storage or Roaster. Your role choices until you buy one of these should maximize your income, but minimize your opponent's benefits. Don't worry specifically about Producer, Equipper, Shipper, Planter up to this point. You will get enough of the benefits from your opponents choosing those. As mentioned above, just make money. Don't take builder, unless it allows you to build your Rubber Storage or Coffee Roaster. Investor will probably be your best bet, but not necessarily. Watch what roles are worth the most. If you need a Cocoa Dryer wait until later, and always get a large one.

Now that you have some infrastructure, let's develop it. What choices you have to make for roles now becomes more fluid, but you should still focus on making money. We want to buy a Large Market or Small Market as these increase your income from your main source: Trading! Since we are focusing on money and thus Trading the Office and Trading Post are also handy choices of buildings. For the most part you are going to chose Builder, Trader, and Equipper, but keep your eye out for other roles that may have a lot of money on them or, on occasion it may even benefit you to Produce or Ship. In general though, let your opponents choose those roles.

As a secondary focus, set up production of your cheaper good. This is so you do have something to ship (or sell, if for some reason your main good is not available) when your opponents do. Getting a second cheap good may also be prudent (or necessary). Just keep in mind, your main goal is to make money trading your expensive good to buy buildings.

Once you have your goods setup and producing, look towards buying the <$1000 buildings mentioned above, but also watch for opportunities to purchase the Toolbank or the other >$1000 mentioned. Coffee with a small Market and Large Market sells for $700, so its not a stretch to make over $1000 in one turn, especially factoring in the Builder special ability. In general, I don't get Quarries, but they may be helpful. Additionally, I usually don't buy the $700 to $900 buildings either, as you get more points from the right $1000 building, but in some cases it is a good idea (like if you have the City Hall).

There is a lot of room to tweak this strategy, and it may or may not work so well against human players, but the general method is:

1) Get an expensive good producing.
2) Increase your income from selling the good.
3) Buy $1000 buildings.
4) Otherwise build, produce, ship other cheaper goods.

Good luck!
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