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Achievement / Trophy / Challenge system

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Achievement / Trophy / Challenge system

Postby ChrisGibbs » Mon Aug 20, 2012 8:31 am

I was wondering what your thoughts are on the trophy/achievements-style systems of Xbox (Gamerscore) and PS3 (Trophies). Would adding this feature to Tropic Euro make the game more rewarding and/or compelling to play?

For example, a bronze trophy could be awarded after winning your first game, and a gold trophy after beating CPU Hard on all 2P/3P/4P/5P game sizes. Would this make you want to try and get the trophy, or would it be regarded as pretty pointless in your opinion?

Instead of just doing something very similar to the Xbox/PS3 systems, I'm also considering doing a "challenges" system instead. Each would be a unique single-game challenge, with the motivation being to introduce the user to new strategies and help improve his/her overall game.

For example:

Challenge #1
Expert Builder
Build three [or possibly 4?] large buildings during a game.

Challenge #2
Union Hoarder
Manage to hold the entire supply of a single good (using a warehouse) at some point during the game, with a Union Hall operational at that time.

Challenge #3
Boat Blocker
Block off a ship with a monopolised good 5 times or more during a single 2 player game.

A few more possible ideas for challenges:

Master Builder
Win a game with fewer than [e.g.] 5 VP from shipments.

Master Trader
Be the only person to trade a good 5 or more times in a single game.

Cash Ahoy!
With an operational lighthouse, choose Shipper and load at least 1 good onto each of the 3 ships [and wharf?] during a single role phase.

Any other suggestions for unique challenges?

I'm more drawn to this sort of system as it does have an actual point, as opposed to a fairly meaningless digital trophy. The key point is that I don't really want to add this feature just for the sake of it, like some of the Xbox and PS3 games do, partly because at least Sony now requires games to include trophies.
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Re: Achievement / Trophy / Challenge system

Postby eqlipt » Thu Oct 11, 2012 1:51 pm

I definitely like the idea of trophies/achievements whatever they would be
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Re: Achievement / Trophy / Challenge system

Postby joewtwins » Sun Jan 13, 2013 11:19 pm

eqlipt wrote:I definitely like the idea of trophies/achievements whatever they would be

Same. It adds another level on top of just winning to win. Like side-quests.
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